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Why Choose Us?

Hello and welcome to TheDealCutters 'Why Choose Us' Info


TheDealCutters Vision Statement: 

We are dedicated to offering you a comfortable and worry-free online shopping experience. We want you to come back time and time again, and tell your friends and family about us :-) We may not offer the cheapest price, but you get what you pay for, right. Our fair prices, plus the sterling customer service you will receive, guarantees that you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase and overall shopping experience. 

We'll keep you informed every step of the way, beginning with a Thank You email immediately after you place your order. About a week after you receive your order, we'll check in with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied. As always, you can contact us with any questions or concerns, from beginning to end, and after :-)


Items in our store go on and off sale at any given time. So, when you buy any product in our store and, within 30 days from the date of your purchase, it is on our website for a lower price, you will receive a refund of the difference. It's that easy!


First and extremely important to us, is to inform you of our Privacy Policy. We will never share, rent or sell your personal information... PERIOD! We know, with the 'Digital Era' and all the spam out here, that giving your personal and payment information can be a tough decision, especially when shopping online. Well, please rest assure that your personal information is safe with us! We don't have access to your payment information, but have entrusted that to Authorize.net and their team of experts. We simply get a notice stating that your payment has been processed. It is important to create a trusting relationship with you, and we wouldn't jeopardize that in any way.

Here are a few of the perks you will receive when you purchase from TheDealCutters:

  1. 100% Customer Satisfaction - If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, for any reason, feel free to let us know and we'll refund 100% of your purchase within the first 30 days after you receive your order. No explanation needed!
  2. Free Return Shipping - We will pay the shipping for returned or damaged items - We will email or fax you a shipping label to put on the package. That's it!
  3. Concierge Shopping - Our goal is to ensure that you are 100% comfortable and know that you are making the right decision during and after your shopping experience with TheDealCutters. There's no pressure, nor do we use those time-sensitive gimmicks to make you feel that it's "now or never". to get the best deal. It's completely up to you. We're here if and when you need assistance.
  4. Secure Checkout authorize.net-secure-badge-90x72-1.15.15.gif- When you get to the Checkout page, if you look up in your browser bar, you'll notice the "https://". This means that the information you are about to enter is 100% secure. In fact, we don't even have access to your credit card or PayPal informatioin. All we receive is a notice that the payment has been processed... that's it! We like it that way, too. We just want to be responsible for your shopping satisfaction. We let Authorize.net and Transfirst be responsible for the rest :-) (TransFirst is an authorized agent of Wells Fargo)

A couple of bonus features, free of charge:

  • Community Focused - TheDealCutters is very active online, with a community of 4000+ like-hearted individuals who strive to create a life they can love. On our Resources Page you will find 'Great Quotes', 'Books' and 'Online Tools' to help do just that. We also send out our weekly blog post with great inspiration, tips and information to help you move one step closer to your personal and professioinal goals. We cheerfully invite you to connect with us on your favorite social media site. Chances are we're there, too!
  • Our Blog - Each week we offer great information and resources about personal development and how you can create the life you will love to live. Do you see the theme here :-) If you'd like to get to know us even better, we would love to send you a copy of our blog each week. We'd love your feedback! 


TheDealCutters is an Amazon Affiliate. This means that if you click on any Amazon ad banner on our website, and purchase any item, TheDealCutters will receive a small commission. You will not pay a cent more when shopping on the Amazon website by linking to it from our website. Yes. Prime Members will enjoy all the usual benefits :-)

Now, a closer look at the Team Members behind TheDealCutters: 

Let me tell you a bit about us, so you get a greater sense of who will be at your service, should you choose to shop with us. Although you wouldn't have direct interaction with each of our Team Members, believe me, we each play a part in guaranteeing your 100% satisfaction :-) 

So, who exactly are TheDealCutters? 

Our Team Members are: 

me.jpg Ericka Richardson - Owner, CEO   

With 30+ years experience delivering sterling customer service, specializing in customer communications. Plus, I've been a successful business owner for 12+ years. Listening is one of my greatest strengths. This attribute, followed by measurable actions, has been a trust builder with all of my past clients. I've served 1100+ fast food store Managers and 500+ restaurant Managers when working as an Account Manager for a Fortune 100 Company in Atlanta, Ga. I left my position with nothing but praises all across the board :-) 


janices-pic.jpg Janice Duffin - Everything Technical   

Janice does all of the design and customization for TheDealCutters website. and applications. If Janice isn't sure how to do a task, she researches, to no end, to find out the best and most efficient way to complete the assignment. Janice's strong suit is communication, whereas she can relate the tech-ie terms in everyday language for anyone to understand. If you'd visited our website before July 2014, then you know about the major revamp the Home Page underwent... Thank You Janice! We've gotten rave reviews and are not done yet. Stay tuned! 


briana.jpg Briana Scott - P/T Catch-All Team Member 

Briana works with TheDealCutters part-time during college semesters. With Communications as a major, Briana feels that working with TheDealCutters provides a good base for sharpening her verbal and written communication skills. She is also able to stay abreast of the latest tools and information she'll need when it's time to build her own brand. Briana does a great job with setting up the Infozine for final editing and proofing, as well as assisting with the website optimization tasks and social media marketing efforts. Briana's creative input and feedback is most helpful and we certainly appreciate her efforts and diligence.


mom-4.28.14.jpg Angela Scott, Content Creator 

Angela is our newest Team Member and brings her creative writing skills to the table. She is taking over the responsibility of creating most of the content you see on TheDealCutters website. Although Angela has joined our team on a part-time basis, she puts her heart and sole into each sentence she writes. Angela's artistic flare, and way with words, makes her the perfect fit to fill the void TheDealCutters was missing. We welcome Angela on board with complete confidence that she will add great value to our overall online presence. 

We thank you, in advance, for the opportunity to service your needs. If you have any questions and/ or concerns, please feel free to contact us, We'd be more than happy to assist you.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Ericka Richardson

Founder and CEO


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