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The Character Challenge: Week 3

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The Character Challenge: Week 3 is the final in a series of blog posts designed to help you identify the areas of your person that you need to work on improving. The Character Challenge: Week 2 received such a great response! I am so glad to see you take the first step in working to bring out the better you :-)

If you haven't already, please go back to the beginning of this challenge and get caught up. Remember that writing down your goals is key! So, answer the three questions in the comments section at the bottom of each blog post. If you want to keep your response just between us, don't hesitate to email me. I'm here to help, not judge you :-) 

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Remember, the goal is to go deep into each character trait you want to work on, and create a plan of action to start turning that negative into a positive. As always, you can refer to the blog post series I wrote on goal setting, and/ or contact me for help with setting your goals:

  1. Life Transformation - Setting a Pre-Goal Setting Mindset
  2. Best Practices For Setting Life Transforming Goals - Short Term Goals
  3. Best Practices For Setting Life Transforming Goals - Mid Term Goals
  4. Best Practices For Setting Life Transforming Goals - Long Term Goals

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Now, on to this week's list of character traits for you to choose from:

  • Responsibility – Knowing and doing what is expected of me.
  • Self-Control – Rejecting wrong desires and doing what is right.
  • Sensitivity – Perceiving the true attitudes and emotions of those around me.
  • Tolerance – Realizing that everyone is at varying levels of character development.
  • Truthfulness – Earning future trust by accurately reporting past facts.
  • Wisdom – Seeing and responding to life situations from a perspective that transcends my current circumstances.

So, which character trait are you going to work on this week? In the comments section below, answer these three questions. You can read my responses for an example.

1. Which character trait do you choose to work on improving?

2. What steps will you take to improve this character trait?

3. How will improving this character trait affect your relationships with your co-workers, family and friends? 

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Anything you say will be kept completely private!

I'd love to hear your feedback! Are you working on your short, mid or long term goals? If so, what tips or tricks can you share with someone who has not developed or worked on achieving their goals before? If you don't feel you need to work on creating your own personal development journey, why not? Either way... I want to hear from you :-)Let's talk about it!

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