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The Character Challenge: Week 2

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"The Character Challenge: Week 1was a HUGE success... THANK YOU and CONGRATS! I am so glad to see you take the first step in learning how to live and love your life to the fullest. The purpose of this exercise is to help you tackle your goal, one small piece at a time. So, keep writing down your goals and reaching them, one step at a time. When you look back at where you started... what an inspirational story you will have to tell!

The Character Challenge: Week 2

This week, I want you to look at another list of six character traits and see which one you need to work on. Remember, this could be a little hard to do. Trust me when I say I know that change is hard, no matter how big or little. Keep in mind that you will be in a much happier place... one goal at a time. 

If you have not read, "The Character Challenge: Week 1" and left your responses in the comments section, or emailed your reaponses to me, I urge you to do that now. Also, if you haven't read "The Character Challenge: Intro to a 3-Part Series to Help Clarify Your Personal Development Journey," This article explains the purpose of the challenge. At the end of the day, I want you to feel about setting, starting and achieving your personal development journey :-)

So, let's get started with this week's six character traits. Take a look at each character trait and its description. Then, I want you to choose one character trait to work on improving. In the comments section below or, in an email that only I will see, answer these three questions. You can read my responses below and follow my example. Ready... set... go!

1. Which character trait do you choose to work on improving?

2. What steps will you take to improve this character trait?

3. How will improving this character trait affect your relationships with your co-workers, family and friends? 

Week 2

  • Diligence – Investing my time and energy to complete each task assigned to me.
  • Discernment – Understanding the deeper reasons why things happen.
  • Enthusiasm – Expressing joy in each task as I give it my best effort.
  • Faith – Confidence that actions rooted in good character will yield the best outcome, even when I cannot see how.
  • Forgiveness – Clearing the record of those who have wronged me and not holding a grudge.
  • Patience – Accepting a difficult situation without giving a deadline to remove it.

Tip: Look at the list of character traits, starting from the last, first. Then, in your head, honestly answer the three questions for each. I suggest you choose the character trait that will impact your life, and relationship with others, the most.

As always, let me know if you get stuck, or need help in any way. I'm here to help you!

I'd love to hear your feedback and input! What challenges have you faced, or still face, when working on improving any part of your self? What words of wisdom could you offer someone who may not know what the first step should be. Thank you!

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