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How to give a refund, even if you don't think you should

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Have you ever had a customer demand a refund on the 29th day, after the purchase, demanding a refund… and you have a 30-day refund policy? Has one of your most difficult clients asked for a full refund after going through your program, claiming it wasn’t worth the money? How do you handle these types of situations? Unfortunately, there’s no app for that! 

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Difficult customers come and come, again. Hopefully, they are a very 

small percentage of your customer or client base. When customers and clients ask for a refund, it sometimes seems like a slap in the face, right? It’s like they’re saying, “You're not good enough.” or “Your services stink!”

Don’t take this too harshly. There’s an old saying that goes, “Kill them with kindness.” Simply put… don’t get on their level of frustration and meanness. These types of people are often the same ones who almost always find something wrong with their food, customer service, etc. They almost always want a discount of some kind.

Unfortunately, these people don’t walk around with signs on their chest saying, “I’m about to do my best to make you miserable and work your butt off to please me!

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If you can read the signs early, do yourself a huge favor and let them know that you may not be the best product or service provider to suit their needs. “But I need all the business I can get!” you say?  I know, I know. I hear you, but do you really need the headache?

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You should learn a lesson from each and every customer and transaction in your business. With these types of people, the lesson you will learn over and over again, is how to be a great problem solver, and how many different ways to say, “I’m sorry.” 

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It doesn’t matter that you don’t think your product was faulty, or that your service is superior and fairly priced. This customer is an attention-getter. They will go on your website and leave a mean review if they feel you did not take care of them. They will hound you on all of your social media accounts, announcing to the world just how bad their buying experience with you was. So, I ask again… are they really worth being right?

I highly recommend you bow out gracefully, with a smile, but not an, “I hope you’ll reconsider,” or “If you change your mind, please come back.” Unless you like torture.

If you’re in business long enough, you have a customer or two, demanding a refund. That’s ok. But, if you find that more customers are requesting refunds, than keeping your product or service, then you might need to take a look at what you’re offering. That’s a topic for another blog post, but definitely a topic worth thinking about.

Until next time... Be blessed and Happy decorating!

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