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Goal Setting Overwhelm Overload Busted!

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Are you feeling overwhelmed with the idea of planning and working toward your short termmid term and long term goals? Or are you thinking, "What should my goals be?" No worries! This is a very common question many of us have asked ourselves time and time again. It's like you know you need a change... some type of change... but what? Truth is, because it's so easy to "keep on keeping on", we often get comfortable and settle for "good enough" because it's not that bad, right? 

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If the idea of steering your life in a new direction is so overwhelming that you don't make any type of change... PLEASE SHAKE THAT UNCERTAINTY OFF! Let's take this goal setting thing one baby step at a time, ok? I want you to look at your long-term goals (remember, this could be a 5-10 year goal), and break that goal down into many mini-goals, if you will. This is how your short term and mid-term goals are developed. Here's an example I want you to follow. We'll use a fake person named Sue:

In 5 years Sue decided she wants to be a self-employed Life Coach. She feels she has the people skills needed to be a really good Life Coach who can help others weave through the road blocks that are stopping them from making progress toward achieving their goals and dreams.

Sue works a full time job, and is a single mother of 3 children, so her schedule is pretty tight, only allowing her, maybe, 10 hours each week to work toward her goal of becoming a Life Coach.

Sue's first list of short term goals are:

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1. Beginning Research -

a. What exactly is a Life Coach?

b. What is a Life Coach's responsibilities to their clients?

c. How much can a new Life Coach expect to make?

2. Programs -

a. Should she take an in-class or online study course?

b. Would it be a good idea to get a Life Coach of her own? And who?

c. What online or offline groups could she join for inspiration and support?

After gathering all the information to answer the above questions, Sue's mid-term goals would somewhat fall into place. They would look something like this:

1. Register for, and start, an online or in-class study course in the next six months.

2. Join and engage in an online Life Coach group or in-person group meetup.

3. Plan a strategy to get clients, starting with asking family and friends for referrals.

You see how we just chunked down Sue's long term goals into short term goals, then those into mid term goals? This makes reaching each goal a lot easier to see being achieved. For anything you want to work toward, like losing weight, competing a degree or diploma program, to planning a family, you would apply these steps to see exactly what you need to do and how to get it done, step-by-step.

In this post, I've linked each type of goal to a series of blog posts I wrote a while back... a GREAT read :-)

If you are not sure how to apply these steps to create your short term and mid term goals to start working toward your long term goals, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would love to help you identify the first steps you should take in the right direction. Many times, it's easier for an outsider to see much more clearly into your world, than you. We get so busy in life, that starting our goals may seem like trying to cross Greenwich St and 7th Ave in NYC... way too confusing! Trust me... that corner is -- this is not!

I would love to hear your feedback on this week's topic! What road blocks do you face when trying to figure out how to get started working on your goals? If you feel you are pretty successful with setting and achieving your goals, what advise or words of wisdom would you give someone else who's having a tough time getting started? Your input is very much welcomed. Thank you1

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