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Are you on the lookout for Cyber threats?

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CLICK HERE TO READ MORECyber threats are always just that... a threat! What are you doing to protect your business and your customers from an attack?

This article offers really valuable information to help you understand, and protect your business against Cyber threat.

Studies Show the Number of Cyber Threats Growing; Cost Retailers Billions

Study show the number of Cyber Threats are growing, costing retailers billions

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Consumers have been shopping online for so long that it's easy to forget that in many ways e-commerce represents the wild west of retail. There are a lot of new technologies and shopping methods being experimented with and while this creates tremendous opportunities for business owners, it creates a seemingly equal amount of opportunities for bad actors to try and take advantage of retailers.

While the existence of cyber threats is nothing new, business owners are often unaware of the scope of the problem. A recent Nielsen study noted that the majority (57 percent) of online consumers have doubts that eCommerce sites will keep their personal information secure and confidential. Recent reports from Google and other organizations highlight the level of danger and what business owners can do to make their sites more secure.


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