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Best Practices For Setting Life Transforming Goals - Mid-Term Goals

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If you haven't read the previous posts on goal setting, please click the following links and get caught up:

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Now, on to this week's post about mid-term goals... why we need to set them and what progress we should see in our lives, once we successfully achieve them. Setting mid-term goals is relative to your long-term goals as setting short-term goals is to your mid-term goals. They are the smaller steps you need to take, in order to reach your next level of goals... short-term < mid-term < long-term. Each is relative to, and dependent upon, the other being achieved. 

So we discussed setting and achieving short-term goals last week. It is very important to study that step if you've never attempted to set goals before. Well, if you have set short-term, mid-term and long-term goals before but, maybe didn't see the progress you had hoped for, this post should be of great value to you. So, what makes mid-term goals so important? The main reason is that, if you set and achieved your short-term goals... CONGRATULATIONS! That hurdle, in and of itself, is a great accomplishment. Give yourself a big pat on the back :-) Realize, you just surpassed 92% of people who make New Year's Resolutions and stop by January 20th!                 

Now, keep in mind that mid-goals cover how far along you plan to be in 1-3 years. Reasons why setting mid-term goals is so important, is because you should see much greater progress toward achieving your long-term goals. So, let's put this into real-world examples. Staying with the weight-loss and fitness example I used in the short-term goal blog post, your short-term goals may have included:

  • Replacing one fatty snack each day, with a healthy snack, for the 1st week, then working up to eating all healthy snacks by the end of the 1st month
  • Drinking a 20 oz bottle of water each day for the 1st week, then increasing to two bottles by the end of the 1st month
  • Eating a piece of fruit each day (great replacement for those fatty snacks!) for the 1st week, then including a small salad or serving of steamed veggies with 3 meals per week. By the end of the 1st month, you may be up to a serving of veggies each day and a piece of fruit
  • Starting a 5-minute workout routine 2-3 days per week for the 1st month. Then increasing to 5 days per week. Here's a great starter guide, the "Before Your Shower - Mini Morning Workout." posted by skinnyms.

(Disclaminer: We are not doctors or nutrition experts. These are examples only! Please consult a physician or nutritionist for a weight-loss program that would best suit your lifestyle and health condition.)


I will emphasize this again... if you have not stayed on track with your short-term goal projections... DON'T GIVE UP! Re-visit your written goals and make the necessary adjustments. Get back in the saddle and steer the horse down the right path. It's that simple! Goals aren't a one-shot deal. They are an ongoing work-in-progress, just like anything else in your life, right?

Your mid-term goals are a bridge between your short-term and long-term goals. Let me give you an example of a set of goals I exercised and executed every day when I was growing up. I grew up in the "Chelsea" section of NYC. We lived in a six-story walkup... UGH! Well, my short-term goal was to just get started heading up the stairs. My mid-term goal was to get to the 3rd floor so I could take a breather, if need be. My ultimate, long-term goal was to get to the apartment and flop down on the couch! You can imagine the hot summers and freezing winters being extremely brutal. But I couldn't give up. And neither can you. Working toward your long-term goal will become a lifestyle, not a chore... I promise!

If financial stability, or just saving enough to have that (magical) six-months reserves in the bank, as the "experts" suggest, your mid-term goals may look something like this: (Read the short-term post to know what I'm referring to)

  • Increasing from saving $10 each week to saving $20 each week by the end of the 4th month.
  • Putting 1/2 or 1/3 of your savings each month into some type of retirement fund you can't touch
  • Cutting back on some of the unnecessary spending that we're all guilty of doing

If saving is your goal, I suggest you read this blog about a great accomplishment in doing just that. "And Then We Saved."

(Disclaimer: We are not financial consultants or experts. These are examples only. For a long-term strategy to reach your financial goals, I suggest you consult a financial advisor.)

Setting and working toward mid-term goals is the best way to see where you are, how far you've come and how much further you have to go, to reach your long-term goals. In other words, mid-term goals are a great way to track your progress and maybe revamp our long-term strategy. Remember, this is a continuous effort. But when your short-term goals are a matter of habit now, and you can taste victory in achieving your mid-term goals... STOP! Celebrate with a tasty treat or a small gift to yourself. 

Spice up the goal-achieving journey with a "carrot" at the end... Mmm! Nobody wants you to starve or go without the essentials to achieve your goals. In the end you'll over-indulge and undo much of what you worked so hard to accomplish... NO! NO! NO! I want you to be able to look at yourself in the mirror with love and respect for the shear effort you're putting in to make these life transforming decisions. Mind over matter! 

Now it's your turn. What are some questions you have about setting and/ or achieving short, mid or long-term goals? Do you have any suggestions, maybe a strategy that works well for you? We'd love your input and it would be great to hear your success stories or even help encourage you to keep going. Leave a comment and let's talk about it! If you like, feel free to email me and we can keep it just between us :-)

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