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YES... you heard it right. TheDealCutters will be closing its door on 2/29/16.

We'd like to extend a HUGE Thank You to our customers and supporters. 

Please stay connected with us around the web, and reach out to us if we could help you in any way

Until next time... Be awesome and be blessed!

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Are you on the lookout for Cyber threats?

CLICK HERE TO READ MORECyber threats are always just that... a threat! What are you doing to protect your business and your customers from an attack?This article offers really valuable information to help you understand, and protect your business against Cyber threat.Studies Show the Number of Cyber Threats Growing; Cost Retailers Billions IMAGE: Getty Images [...]

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Storage and organization help for your Spring project

Are you thinking of what decor projects to start this Spring? Organization and storage are usually the focus of any project, right?Here's an awesome article to help with just that! It offers some really good tips to help with your new project. Happy decorating!Project Organization: Decor for Sorting, Stashing and StoringWhy is winter the perfect time [...]

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Have tire? Will decorate!

WAIT... DON'T THROW THOSE TIRES AWAY! You'd be surprised at just how creative you can make your living space with that rubber. Ready to check it out? Let's go!Useless tires are a big headache when it turns to waste or become damaged because they cannot be reuse anywhere but we have some DIY unique [...]

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Boldly and Beautifully Decorated Bedrooms

Have you been thinking of redecorating your bedroom this year? I have! So, I've been browsing through magazine articles and Pinterest to get inspiration on bold new ideas. I'm not the trendy type, and I don't redecorate often so I'm looking for something with staying power. I love the look of this Colorful Stripe Luxury 5-piece Bed-in-a-Bag!I [...]

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Your holiday safety reminder for this year!

We all know that crime goes up BIG TIME around the holidays, right? So why do we need constant reminders, each year, to be extremely careful so we don't become a statistic?Here's a great article to serve as your reminder, for this holiday season, to watch your back, front and both sides!The 10 Most Common [...]

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How to decorate your student's dorm room with a funky flair!

I'm hoping my soon-to-be high school graduate will let me get creative in his dorm room next Fall... Hmm! I can't wait to find out. If he does, I might try some of these ideas. Well, maybe not the flowers :-)We at HC are looking forward to yet another year of dorm life! Sure, the [...]

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How to give a refund, even if you don't think you should

  Have you ever had a customer demand a refund on the 29th day, after the purchase, demanding a refund… and you have a 30-day refund policy? Has one of your most difficult clients asked for a full refund after going through your program, claiming it wasn’t worth the money? How do you handle these types of situations? Unfortunately, there’s [...]

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Throw Blankets for the Thrillers and Chillers

  Isn't there something really cool about laying around on the family room floor, with the whole family, watching a creepy movie? There's an extra special feeling that comes over you in the winter, though. It seems like the trees move a little differently, and the wind picks up speed and strength as you watch the [...]

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Comfy Chairs For Adults and Children

   Hey, parents! Do you remember lounging around on the floor at your best friend's house, probably laying on the floor, belly down, digging through books and magazines? Maybe, at a sleepover or a study session to get that major class project done? Well, if you stretch your back, you may be able to feel [...]

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